Choice of illuminated walls

ALU STAR illuminated wall

With our ALU STAR illuminated walls, you can set up a complete LED exhibition stand. The high-quality LED exhibition walls are available in widths from 2 to 5 m and can be firmly connected to each other with stable connectors. Accessories such as bridge modules and monitor holders are available on request. The possible heights are 200 cm, 230 cm, 250 cm and 300 cm. On request, an extension can be added to an LED exhibition wall once it has been ordered, so that an ALU STAR LED exhibition wall can be enlarged by 50 cm, 75 cm or 100 cm.

OCTAlumina illuminated wall

The basic structure of this light wall consists of 12 cm deep aluminum profiles with pre-assembled LED modules. Due to the individual production, these light walls can be manufactured in any desired wall size and assembled into a large-format exhibition stand. The standard height is 248 cm. The system technology is assembled and disassembled with a simple TORX tool. OCTALUMINA light walls are compatible with the entire OCTANORM trade fair stand range, so that a lockable storage room can also be integrated.

ALU LightUp illuminated wall

This illuminated wall offers a particularly favourable price-performance ratio. ALU LightUp consists of an 8 cm wide aluminium plug-in profile that is already equipped with LED spots. On the frame of the system base are the twist-out feet. Assembling the LED frame takes only a few minutes. Finally, the individually printed slide cover is inserted into the frame. Done! ALU Light Up is available in widths of 85 cm, 100 cm and 200 cm. A practical trolley is available for transporting the illuminated wall.

GRID Lightbox

Unlike our LED exhibition walls made of aluminium plug-in profiles, the GRID Lightbox consists of a scissor grid framework. This makes it possible to also illuminate the 30 cm deep side sections of this illuminated wall. This creates the effect of a 3-dimensional luminous body. The GRID Lightbox LED exhibition wall is constructed in the same way as you may remember from the folding displays that were often used in the past. Rollable LED curtains are hung in the scissor grid and then an individually printed textile slide is inserted.

GLOW UP Battery

Finally, there is an LED light display with integrated rechargeable battery - the GLOW UP light wall. Ideal for wireless use if, for example, there is no power socket available or if the illuminated wall is to be placed in the middle of an exhibition stand without an annoying cable. GLOW UP BATTERY consists of an aluminium frame with LED power spots, which is covered on both sides with an individual slide print. The battery consists of a powerful lithium-ion power pack with a running time of 10 hours.

PIXLIP GO illuminated wall

Our PIXLIP GO LED exhibition walls can be set up in no time at all and are therefore perfect for "do-it-yourselfers". Without any tools and equipped with foldable textile diabes, it is now easy to set up a luminous exhibition stand even for inexperienced exhibitors. With the handy plastic profiles made of white ABS, in which the luminous LED modules are already installed, system handling is child's play. Simply plug the modules together and insert the textile tension slide with your advertising information into the illuminated frame profile.